Tuesday, January 23, 2007


OK, Dura-Log, tag me with a viral meme, will you? Thusly, it's on.

1. I have an irregular heartbeat that has been more or less described to me as not worthy of treatment.

2. My father passed the time on a trip to the beach back in 1979 by throwing my favorite teddy bear, Teddy, into the surf and making me cry. Correlative: Whenever I dropped or bumped Teddy, I used to kiss him where I thought the boo-boo was. Further correlative: I still keep Teddy to this day.

3. I have no great love for the Beatles, and I'll add that their cultural phenomenon is generally overbaked.

4. I met Steve Perry in 1995 and got his autograph. It was the most star-struck I've ever been to date.

5. I won a radio station-sponsored spelling bee at the Smithaven Mall on Long Island in 1985 by spelling the word "coagulate." The prizes were a $50 gift certificate and a copy of Elton John's "Ice on FIre." On vinyl.

Following the modified rules of engagement, I tag one Smart Centipede, Tina Coleslaw, and the aptly-named Central Content Publisher. Git!