Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I'm the whiz-man! You know, like whiz-kid? Except older! The whiz-man! Or maybe whiz-guy.

The whiz-kid was precocious and irrepressible. Oh, that lil' whizz-kid! What a scamp! What an urchin! The whiz-man, however, is just old and spent. Things aren't as taut and effortless as they used to be for the whiz-guy.

The whiz-kid used to crash through boundaries and spring right back to his feet if knocked on his ass. The whiz-guy now just hits the ground with a thud and gets demoralized. The whiz-kid could convince people of his skill and ability through legerdemain and willpower. The whiz-guy just wants to go home; he's tired of pressure and always having to prove himself. The whiz-guy wants a burger.

The whiz-kid flew out of the hopper, all full of piss and vinegar, never taking "no" for an answer. The whiz-guy feels disenchanted and abandoned, left to lord over a worthless Flying Dutchman.

The whiz-kid used to run on fear, adrenaline, and anxiety. The whiz-guy is running on bitterness and exhaustion.