Sunday, September 30, 2007

Homosexual agenda

Taste a cum, originally uploaded by americancaesar.

Seen on the Long Island Rail Road earlier today: From my vantage point, this sign was an advertisement to "TASTE A CUM." Is this a subliminal message from the semen flavoring industry (henceforth known as "Big Load") to get us to buy some of their fine novelty products? More importantly, I hardly think it's acceptable to go around advertising to children (who are the future, in case anyone missed the song) that they should get a good shot of reproductive jam on their tongues just to give ejaculate a chance in the old "sexual preference" department?

For the record, it was TERRIBLE. I can recommend it to no one, and don't make the same mistake I did today... or, for that matter, last week, when I saw a sign on the N train that said "PUT YOUR FACE IN POO, JACKASS."