Friday, May 25, 2007

Kill it

From the "crackers killing shit with revolvers" file, we have this story of an 11-year-old boy in Alabama who was engaged in a hunt with his dad and some uncles when he happened upon a 1,051 pound, 9 foot 4 wild hog.

And what to do when you discover an anomaly of nature, a wonderful quirk of genes and environment, such as this? Kill it, of course. A lot:

"It feels really good," Jamison said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press. "It's a good accomplishment. I probably won't ever kill anything else that big." Jamison, who killed his first deer at age 5, was hunting with father Mike Stone and two guides in east Alabama on May 3 when he bagged Monster Pig. He said he shot the huge animal eight times with a .50-caliber revolver and chased it for three hours through hilly woods before finishing it off with a point-blank shot.

Gee, sounds like a good clean hunt, eh? All you have to do is pick away at the creature with a hand cannon for hours until the thing bleeds to death on your shoes.

Good work, kid. I think I just saw something moving out of the corner of my eye. Was that a walking shark? Or, maybe it was an old lady. You should unload a whole magazine out in its belly just to make sure.