Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Middle Eastern Mouse!

ALLAHU AKBAR! Hello boys and girls, I am Farfur! I am the mouse icon of humble purity in the eyes of God! ALLAHU AKBAR! I have come to show you wonderful little children the golden path to God, in God's eyes, by God, the one God for whom the blashphemers and Jews shall be crushed! Yay!

Now, I know some of your parents expressed some misgivings over the "controversy" stirred up a little while ago over my former show on Al-Aqsa TV in the Occupied Territories. Well, I'm proud to say that we've changed networks to Allah's Martyrs Brigade Public Broadcasting Service, and all of that controversy is now over. God is great, and God shall destroy the ones who contributed to our low time-slot shares and overall poor ratings. ALLAHU AKBAR! And, Allah, we could use a higher ad revenue rate this upcoming season. I mean, there really aren't a whole lot of TV's in Gaza tuned to us at this time of night, mostly because there aren't a lot of TV sets left... or electricity... or houses... or viewers.

So, kids, what does Farfur the faithful mouse servant of most holy God who protects the strong and repels the Jew from his land have in store for today's episode? Fun and games! Now, since fun and games are strictly forbidden by God's word, we shall have to make do with what we have in front of us. Gather round and watch me play this board game, "Chutes and Ladders and Jews." Watch as the Jew puts a ladder up on the crib-room of a sleeping faithful Muslim infant and drinks its blood, remaining only long enough to scoop up whatever valuables that Jew may sell to its Zionist cohorts in the United States of America in exchange for rockets and bombs. Watch as God uses the chute to strike the Jew down. ALLAHU AKBAR!

OK then, that's quite enough fun... it's time for learning now. Our last lesson ended just as we got to the part where the American Jew president Ronald Reagan bombed the marine barracks in Lebanon to retain the favor of Zionist co-conspirator Great Britain and its hawk-beaked harpy Jew leader Margaret Thatcher. As we know, after that Ronald Reagan created the movie of "Rambo" with American Jew actor Stallone and put it in our heads that American force will shoot us all with a heavy gun while sweating a lot through a thin shirt. The faithful martyrs of the one God answered this call by striking the World Trade Center back in 1993 in an act of self-defense. ALLAHU AKBAR!

Alright, now the history is over. Time for arts and crafts as we go to commercial. All the faithful children, the strong, you will now play with the pieces of a Kalishnikov rifle and see just how fast you can reassemble it while beating whipped with metal cables. And when we come back after the break, there will be heavy stones cast at the whore who read that book last month. Stick around, we'll have more "Farfur" show right after these messages from our sponsor, Taco Bell!