Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sort of tells its own story

Dave: So, you mean to tell me that this hobby horse can fly me into my dreams?

Steve: Pretty much. It's a magical hobby horse.

Ralph: It's magical. That's how it works.

Dave: Hmm... feels right. It feels... sorta magical.

Steve: Magic, right there in the seat.

Dave: That's an awful lot of money for this magical hobby horse, fellas.

Ralph: That's fair market value for a magic horse. How many others you seen today?

Dave: Err, none. Can I take it out for a spin? Y'know, to see just how magical it is?

Steve: Can't do that, broseph. How do we know you'll bring it back?

Dave: You do have a point. But, won't a grown man on a wooden hobby horse in this parking lot look strange, even if it is magical?

Steve: It'll draw stares, alright -- stares of awesomeness! Everyone will be so envious of you!

Ralph: Right! Imagine it! Now, I hate to insist, but we have other interested parties -- so you want it, or what?

Dave: Alright, alright -- it's a deal. Fifteen magical beans for this enchanted hobby horse.

Steve: Done... and... done. It's all yours, bud. Happy flying!

Ralph: Heh, heh, sucker...

Dave: Heh... suckers...

[Editor's note: The wooden horse is magical. The value of magic beans, however, has depreciated in the withering magic bean-related commodities market slump. Dave, in fact, got the better end of this transaction. Thank you.]