Saturday, February 03, 2007

Just dropping you a note

Dear mom and dad,

Seeing as to how I got to Phoenix six months ago, I realize it's been a while between letters. I just thought I'd write to tell you about how things have been going for me in the big city.

Well, I'm making a lot of friends here... it's just as I thought it would be. People are really welcoming to newcomers, I suppose because Phoenix is pretty much a city full of emigrants from other parts of the country. As soon as I got an apartment, I started to meet my neighbors... and their roommates, and their roommates' friends... and so on. I feel like I've been here for years with the network of folks I've met.

Even better, my job at the Barnes and Noble is a lot of fun. There's this girl I work with, Sammy... suffice it to say I'm interested, but she is my manager. I remember what you always told me, dad, about workplace relationships -- especially with superiors -- so I'm taking it slow. You'd be proud of me... I think you'd both be proud of me these days.

Yeah, so, things are going really well here. It's always summer, it seems, and people always have smiles on their faces. Well, gotta go. Give my love to Uncle Conrad and Aunt Ginny. Make sure you take your pills dad, and don't give mom such a hard time about it.


Erik "Thunderwing" Braunsen,
Southwest Regional Competitive Buffalo
Chicken-Wing Eating Champion, 2006