Friday, July 28, 2006

The acid problem

In the latest of a grand cavalcade of "Stuff That I Make Fun of That's Horribly Unfortunate For the Downtrodden of Bangladesh" stories I like to bring up, acid attacks are apparently on the rise.

On the rise. Acid. Acid attacks. Attacking with acid.

OK, I'm more than willing to throw a bone to the various ways of means of human violence and depravity, but acid strikes me as more than a little byzantine. Especially amongst the poor and downtrodden of Bangladesh. You'd figure that if someone wanted to fuck up another South Asian's shit, he'd just pick up a crowbar, piece of jagged metal, or gun, if it's a Sunday.

What other esoteric violences will the Bangledeshis be inclined to employ? The Pear? Or perhaps, the Judas Cradle?