Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Racial profiling

We're watching that new "The Amazing Race" rip-off "Treasure Hunters" on the NBC network that the kids love so much these days, we were reviewing the casting. The show involves 10 teams of three running around like jackasses trying to find some stupid shit -- like I said, all tightly-based on a "TAR," except without a shred of pacing, wit, or adventure.

The only reason I bring this programme up is because the only black participants on this show are "The Brown Family."

Yes, "The Brown Family."

I mean, yes, their last name is Brown. But within a show that seems to have received its casting manifesto from David Duke, perhaps it's only a fortuitous coincidence that the only minority castmember's name this season also doubles as an adjective. Actually, it's an embarrassment, is what it is.

It wouldn't be fair if I didn't hammer "TAR" for this same offense -- two seasons ago, during the infamous "Family Edition," the sole black family in a sea of caucasoid faces was named "The Black Family."

Yes, "The Black Family."

Perhaps it's time to do better next time, reality-TV-Mark-Burnett-casting Big-Celebrity-Mole-Brother guys-in-charge.