Monday, July 31, 2006

Special weirdness

This was a weird nugget that made little sense when I first perused it -- a so-called dialect called Special English is employed in American broadcasts of news internationally. As the article says, it's "a 1,500-word vocabulary and short, simple phrases without the idioms and clich├ęs of colloquial English, [and] broadcasters speak at about two-thirds the speed of conversational English." The first thing I thought was Esperanto? ¡Que?! But you have to hear this weirdness to believe it.

Sample it fo yoself.

The intentionally... slow... cadences... are... immensely... creepy. It's as if you're listening to someone talking out code for Le Resistance buried in the nightly news on NPR. Or, brainwashing. Or, an episode of "The Outer Limits."