Monday, July 03, 2006

Not right

Having to work all day Sunday on July 4th weekend aside, I was stepping out the door as it was starting to rain. And me without my umbrella -- so I ran around the empty office looking for a spare brolly.

I get to the boss's office, and gee-whiz wouldn't ya know it mister, there's an umbrella. I take it, run out the door, and open it as soon as I hit Broadway.

Only then can I see what I got myself into. Quelle horreur...

The boss's wife must have given him this puppy imagery-filled umbrella to make sure that no woman ever views him as a sexual being.

And right at that moment, I was being given a taste of that same dish. The sexual potency drained out my body like a melting popsicle on a humid day.