Monday, July 24, 2006


Wig Head, oh Wig Head! Who has discarded you?
Wig Head, oh Wig Head, what's going on in that styrofoam noggin of yours?

Laying on a pile of hangers in a basket, oh Wig Head,
That doesn't look comfortable. I don't think you belong there.

What stockperson misplaced your lovely spheroid head?
Oh Wig Head, what color mop were you styling for us, anyway?

Was it the Tova Borgnine collection?
Perhaps the Jessica Simpson line... we just don't know.

Wig Head, oh Wig Head! It's fate that turned my peeping lens upon you!
Wig Head, do you hear me, you foamy bitch!

No wonder why you're cloistered here, in this lonely corner.
You're a total asswipe.