Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Advance praise for advance praise

A blurb from the author Randy Carlisle on Wilhemina Smith's upcoming book, Grecian Earn:

"W. H. Smith's long-awaited second novel is an uplifting travelogue through the life of a disaffected housewife who undergoes an amazing transformation into a fully-realized person, the type of person we could all aspire to be. With the publication of this book, Smith not only avoids any kind of sophomore slump but makes a case for herself as one of the leading fiction voices of her generation."

A blurb from critic and author Whiting Lieber on Carlisle's blurb of Smith's book:

"With this praise, Carlisle establishes himself at the vanguard of advance literary notice, issuing sentences that are not only sing-song in their cadence but also contain familiar pattern of adjectives that highlight the tropes and hooks that come to signify the whole of popular consumer fiction writing. Carlisle sets a new standard for overheating the thin concept of an underwritten treatise into some sort of 'statement' that more than likely bears no actual resemblance to the book at all."