Thursday, June 15, 2006

Be it e'er so humble

Hey, what do you know? There's another violent racial altercation back on my home and native land of Long Island. This latest attack was the same old thing -- white, better-heeled teens beating a couple of Mexican immigrants minding their own business, for whatever reason people tend to do these things.

The pair of immigrants were fishing off of Rocky Point where they were set upon by the four yutes, who had nothing better to do than darken the already smeared reputation of Long Island. This follows the incidents at Farmingville, Shirley, and Montauk, as the article notes, all resulting in death, severe beatings and/or property damage.

What's causing such suburban unrest? Long Island is a quiet place that's not more, really, than a bedroom community for commuters into the New York metro area. Lately, there's been this xenophobic fixation from people who should be otherwise wiser -- racial tensions rising from the arrival of this latest wave of Latino immigrants... who are here, of course, to fix the rooves and clean the pools of the very same people who despise them, for totally specious reasons.

They leer at my daughter in front of the 7-11!

They live 20 to a house... but who knows how many people are in there!

I don't feel safe -- they're in this country illegally!

The voices sound like people bitching for a return to Jim Crow. Shameful.