Sunday, June 11, 2006


A gift from the warm and generous Seimsbrahams at my party last night -- some substance called "Dr. Oetker's Puding."

It appears to be a confection that resembles pudding -- but as we know, this is actually puding, which I believe is pronounced "poo-ding."

By looking at the back of the package, we see... nothing, actually. It's written in a fairly foreign tongue which looks neither Romantic nor Germanic in origin, so I can only surmise it might be Eastern European, or one of those quasi-Euro/Russo languages.

And if one were to go by the little flag in the top-right corner, this confection has a tendency to "muz aromali." Applying a layman's translation, I can only assumes that means it "smells like muz."

Even more intriguing is the spectre of the product's creator, Dr. Oetker. Since when is pudding... er, excuse me, puding, formulated by a medical doctor? I thought we could leave this kind of thing to Duncan Hines. No, I suspect something a little more sinister about the figure behind the genesis of this particular puding product. I believe I have found a photo of the doctor himself, at right. There's reason to suspect that this puding was a key element of the Third Reich's master plan.

Or maybe that's Dr. Oetker's brother, Gary, I'm thinking of. It's easy to confuse the two.