Thursday, June 29, 2006

This summer's newest cute ani-"pal" buddies... Dolphin & Kitty!

Dolphin & Kitty are swimming through the Caribbean one lazy afternoon, looking for silly adventures...

Dolphin: Hey Kitty, I'm hungry -- we should stop for some mackerel or something soon.

Kitty: Meow! [audience coos and awws]

Dolphin: I'll assume that means yes. I guess you cats will eat anything.

Kitty: Poopie!

Dolphin: Yeah, about that...

Kitty: Meow!

Dolphin: Right -- "Meow." "Meow -- poopie"... "Poopie -- meow." That's like, all I ever hear from you.

Kitty: Poopie! [audience laughs]

Dolphin: I get it! With the catchphrase! I mean, I ask you if you want some mackerel for lunch, and instead of saying, "Well, no actually, Craig, I'd like some crappie, or a nice cod, thank you," I hear only "Poopie." Did you know my name is Craig, Kitty?

Kitty: Poopie! [audience awws]

Dolphin: It's not "Dolphin," it's Craig. Can you even say "Craig"?

Kitty: Meow! [audience oohs]

Dolphin: How are you even standing on my back? We're thirty feet under water, and I haven't surfaced for a breath in 23 minutes.

Kitty: Look, Craig, what the hell do you want from me? You want a Congressional Medal of Honor for holding you breath that long? Or maybe, just maybe, we could swim for 45 minutes or so without having to hear about how your magazines keep getting delivered to the wrong door. That sound good?

And thus thorny, uncomfortable silence ensues, as Dolphin & Kitty swim onward to more cute adventures in our planet's oceans!