Monday, June 26, 2006

But first, a word about evil

There's plenty of wrapup about tits and cocks and sunburns to come in the following days (you'll see) -- now, it's time to celebrate the opportunity to be evil.

The goatee pictured above can only mean one thing -- Evil Bill! Oh, he's released! On the world! Pure evil! My evil dupli-ganger! Terror and fear! Boogah! Treachery!

Evil Bill loves the things I hate. Celery? Evil Bill loves it. Open-toed sandals footwear for men? Evil Bill is a staunch supporter. Nepotism? There's nothing Evil Bill enjoys better than to see people circumvent the dues system via patronage. Free-association comedy? Evil Bill will sit rapt for hours, enjoying every minute of it.

Ah, but for only one week a year, the wicked doppel-cate Evil Bill gets to roam the earth... and it goes to fast.