Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My day

Allow me to introduce myself -- I'm the devil. There's been a lot of noise about today being June 6th, 2006... which somehow translates into the numerology "6-6-6" to western cultures. Or idiots.

This kind of dot-connecting is totally idiotic and arbitrary. There is no return to earth of this devil -- accompanied by his hoary legions from the stank-ass abyss -- planned for this day. No, this is just any other Tuesday. Feel free to buy some grapes, or take in that new "Omen" remake which is banking heavily on lameass idiot gimmickry tie-in shit to make a few dollars.

Me? Well, today, I'm actually looking for a library to check out a copy of that V.C. Andrews book -- you know, the one with the kids trapped in the attic? The devil hates to pay for softbacks... they're a waste of cash.