Friday, June 30, 2006

A new respect

I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying this third season of "Deadwood". The plot is moving lightning-fast, and the writing is sharper than ever. Something creator David Milch excels at is adding new characters each season who are compelling -- both integral and well-written (not to mention well-cast, which "Deadwood" refines to an art). And this season is no different, as we welcome Gerald McRaney (above right) to the party.

Yeah, I know, he was intro'ed last season at the tail end. Sure, we ment him then, but he's stirring the drink now that the third season's well underway. The beauty of this show is that you need an actor with spiritual heft and intimidation to walkm into this impressive repertory and make us believe you have any shit going on that will frighten Ian McShane at this point. Well, in the patois, mission fucking accomplished.

Who knew that McRaney had such fucking chops? I have to admit that he pretty much made himself irrelevant by participating in dreck like "Major Dad" and "Simon and Simon." But whoa! Fuck me! Along comes relevance!

Homeboy can act! Motherfucker has been waiting for David Milch to tell him what to say all his career. And thank Christ for that, because if Deadwood has had any kind of consistent subtext, it's been actorly reclamation. Look at the list:

-Ian McShane
-Jeffrey Jones
-Kim Dickens
-Powers Boothe
-John Hawkes
-W. Earl Brown (the guy played Meat Loaf on VH1 for fuck sakes!)
-Garret Dillahunt (a.k.a. "Evil Erik Seims")
-Brad Dourif
-Keone Young

And add McRaney to the list. I'm forgetting piles more; there are too many contributors to the week-in, week-out greatness. But I guess you already know that, because you watch the show every week. San Francisco cocksuckers!