Friday, December 16, 2005

A bad sportsmanship

Echoing Whitney Pastorek's take on the whole matter, Randall, of "The Apprentice" fame, was an extremely bad sportsmanship when he kept fellow Trumpspirer Rebecca (or, as Slavic assassin-goddess Alla kept calling her last night, "Ree-becca") from her own "Apprentice"-ship when Count Trumpula was about to whip out a surprise offer to Ree-becca. He consulted with Randall on whether or not to pull the trigger, and Randall dropped the kibosh on it, reasoning that the show is singularly-titled, not plurally. Not so cleverly, he referred to a plurality of apprentices as "apprentii," which might have been funny if the show ended in "-us." But, I'm not as smart as Randall, who apparently has advanced degrees from both the Douschenozzle Academy and the prestigious Grammar-Pun Lyceum.

Ree-becca - she of the bat-eyes, she of the Islander-injury, she of the volume - was turned aside like so much volleyball, a trifle to be swept away like a Giancarlo Gianini movie. It wouldn't have cost him a damn thing, but I guess big R's dead grandma was whispering to Jennifer Love Hewitt, telling her to tell her grandson to bust that dewy ingenue in the other ankle, Gillooly-style.

The most frustrating thing? I called it... ask the wifal-like-object. I said Dizzie Tizzle was going to offer them BOTH jobs, in keeping with the carnival atmosphere of a season as lame as Ree-becca's stride. I think that soul-pounding Caroline Keppcher was similarly taken aback by the here-it-is-now-it's-gone offer. If anyone could have reminded Krump one last time how Randall ignored Doppler5000, it should have been her.