Thursday, December 15, 2005

Buttery cashmere

Twenty-five degrees out, wind chill makes it feel like 15 - what do you do? Wrap yourself in cashmere. Fucking cashmere, bitches... nothing else like it. Love wearing it, love looking at it. Would swaddle myself in it every day were it not so prohibitively expensive. In keeping with he demagogery of my pleat post, every gentleman should own at least one cashmere sweater, eminently versatile with slacks, jeans, and/or your favorite sportcoat.

The wifemestic partner and I prize the few pieces of cashmere we own, from her sweaters to my personal fave, the full-length black topcoat from Barney's, a sweet little number I scored on clearance at the Woodbury Commons in upstate New York with some post-wedding green.

I could almost look forward to it being so cold, just so's I get to wear that bomb-ass jacket. If only my prick wasn't freezing off.