Thursday, December 29, 2005

!Cuidado¡ Piso mojado

I love the yellow signs that mark a wet marble floor - "piso mojado," it exclaims en éspanol. "Wet floor," of course, but when the BombGirl were on vakay in Orlando, wet floors abounded because of all the rain. And "piso mojado," to me, sounds like a dish at the Cuban restaurant I frequent downtown, kind of like "ropa vieja" (which itself means "dirty laundry," so how is "wet floor" a stretch?). So, naturally, after a few days, whenever we went into a wet-floored restaurant at Disney, I would ask her, "Have you had the piso mojado? They make it great here."

...and with that, the world's slowest moving bandwagon begins grinding forth towards putting "piso mojado" on every Spanish menu in Nueva Jork.