Thursday, December 29, 2005

So, how's Tuesday for the class-war?

OK, there's this. And this too. I love the Old Grey Lady, I really do (please *PLEASE* hire me!), but I often audibly wonder (at passers-by, while sans pants) who the audience is for these some of these lifestyle articles. I mean, are we an aspirational fiefdom of middle-class folk, swarthy and "According to Jim"-watching, who have our noses pressed up against the glass window of exclusionary prosperity, fogging it up with the steamy breath of abnegation?

The former article is about the "gift" of cosmetic surgery from mother to daughter, et al, as a new holiday treat for the better-heeled among us. The latter deals with mom handing down her Prada and Roberto Cavalli to daughter, maintaining Upper East Side fashion continuity among anemic, haemophiliac bluebloods. The kicker, to me, is that there isn't a scintilla of self-awareness to be found anywhere - an awe-inspiring feat, if I may say. To paraphrase Jerome Kalman Seinfeld, who are these editors? Again: To the New York Times, Is this a strivers' target, or a lateral-looking glimpse for the benefit of the better-shod (not) among us?

Arrgggh - I'm just looking for a class-war to ignite! Let's just make sure we schedule the class-war before the race-war, because I'm busy that day at my spin class.