Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Car givers

I hate it when commercials show some DINK couple of Aryan Aspenites wherein the husband surprises the wife with a new Lexus. Does the car dealership actually have a festive gift bow installation machine that helps "wrap" the auto? And what kind of aspirational message is this, that if you have big enough piles of money around, you should take out a pitchfork and toss a few bales of cash your local car dealer's way? Who is the audience for these commercials - "The War At Home" viewers? I suspect that anyone with enough scratch to buy a spare Infiniti Q45 has something better to do than watch "Rita Cosby Live."

Fuck you and your new Lexus, you plutocrat tax-dodgers. I hope that a snow drift collapses on you and your wife at Vail next spring, chickenfuckers.