Monday, December 19, 2005

Misses it all

More than a week back home, we're still CRAVING the Magic Kingdom, way more than we mightcouldshould be. On Saturday night, we watched a Food Network joint about the Christmas food A-Team at Disney World, watching them build giant ham feasts and massive gingerbread houses that we wanted to eat every calorie of. We watched it and felt like Jamie Foxx in that rehab scene in "Ray," where he's all soaked, withdrawing, and jonesing for solid white chocolate Mickeys.

It's not like real life is terrible - sure, there's much suck in each of our lives, as different in each case as it is miserable, but it doesn't eclipse all the great we've chess-ed around the playing board in 2005 - not to mention, all the great things we've done since our lives became intertwined in 2002. (Speaking of which, it's our anno in a week and a half! Whoopee and praise for us!)

Nonetheless, we amscrayed from town for a week and reaped tremendous benefits - my inner 8-year-old was hugged and patted on the head and told he was a good boy and rewarded with taffy. I needed that. But, the side effect is that we miss it. The food. The sounds. The feeling of the rides. The smells.

Definitely the smells. I even miss the bathrooms, all cinnamoned up and neutral as they are. It's a hallmark of the Disney magical magicalness - no faeces will intrude upon you or your family's vakay, and I love that about the Mouse.