Thursday, December 15, 2005

Transit strike

Oooh! Topical! Transit strike! Oooh! Pay attention here! PATH trains! Cab zones! Oooh!

Why is everyone in New York being a pain in my goddamn aching zygomatic arch? Can't Peter Kalikow and his misshapen crew of freak-fuckers toss some surplussy goodness to those brusque kumquats who barely maintain our antiquated transit system (apologies to Erik Seims) and make everyone happy? I don't want to know if mom and dad are fighting - just make sure there's Bosco on the table and smiles on everyone's faces. I'll deal with the repressed anger and resultant excema later on in my 20's.

How does this affect me? That's supremely the point - it affects me PERIOD! I'm sure they KNOW I'm hazardously close to walking to work, or cabbing it. So what if I live two miles from my office - I can't sustain any kind of dent on my Comfort Zone.

Abstract: These things are not OK when they happen to me.

It's supposed to be snowy and rainy and precipitation-y tomorrow morning. There are no promises about what will happen if I have to hump my ruck down Broadway - no assurances motherfuckers won't get they asses consumed in a blinding driving snowstorm (see Alferd Packer, above).