Thursday, December 01, 2005

Why no Jewish super heroes?

Or, more appropriately, why are there so few? I think that if you look back through the annals (use lots of oil and work up from a fingertip, they say) you'll find that most of the early creators of North American comics as we know them were Jews (Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Will Eisner, Bob Kane, Jerry Siegel, etc...) but, for the most part, their caped creations are goyim. Chrizzakes - for a superhero created by two Jewish immigrants to Cleveland, Superman is the epitome of square-jawed, perfect-boned, middle-Americanism.

I digress... this is all prologue to dropping this sweet science on y'all, a neat list of superhero faiths culled from what must be exhaustive research. Wondering is Wolverine is Ba'hai? Well, puzzle no more, true believers!

The Atom Smasher (above) is Jewish? OK, cool, that almost makes up for a dearth of super-Semites.