Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Steeped in blondes

Watching the new "Superman Returns" trailer a few days ago, I was struck by the fact that they cast blondie Kate Bosworth, she of no reputable movie work to date, as Lois Lane, one of comicdom's most famous brunettes (after Wonder Woman of course).

Does the amount of wispy, Aryan actresses in Hollywood bother anyone else? What is the point of complaining - after all, Movietown is built on the lore of a corn-fed blonde getting off the bus from Bunghole, Nebraska, and getting spotted by a casting agent. After the successive waves of blondies tossed our way in the last few years - Gretchen Mol, Sara Foster, Rachel McAdams, Hayden Panettiere, Judy Greer, Teri Polo, etc. - and very few of them having any kind of lasting effect, I'll take the liberty of saying, "No more."

The point of this all was Lois Lane. So, why Kate Bosworth, and not... Kerry Washington (left)? She's in a ton of movies right now, getting very close to striking a few leads for herself. She's obviously radiantly beautiful, intelligent, and versatile - go out and rent "Lift," where you'll find her and an able supporting cast act out a well-conceived script about a black mother/daughter pair's class-striving in Boston. She was superb, and the movie was all but forgotten.

Besides, wouldn't it be great to see a black Lois Lane? If they hired a gay man to play Superman himself (B.J. Routh - Google it), how would a cross-racial love interest be a stretch? Why brunette-ize a blonde to play the part, when there were far better choices in the headshot piles - maybe, like Washington. Bunghole, Iowa, apparently doesn't want to see faces that don't resemble its own.