Thursday, December 22, 2005

Slanted "Runway"

Steve Perry-lookalike Daniel Franco was tossed off Project Runway in last night's ep, which was an entirely unfair call by the judges. His line of lingerie was dead-sexuh, and well-made to boot - you could eyeball the craftsmanship even on our 30-inch Sony Wega. Falling on his sword was a very touching gesture by Dan, but it needn't have been necessary, seeing as to how Santino Rice's lingerie pieces looked like a fucking CAKE THAT TRIED TO JUMP OUT OF A GIRL (left). While I love irony and all, Santino was the clear louzre of this week's challenge, and there ain't no pinning that shit on starchy, ineffectual, Kilborn-esque Emmett.

We like Santino - actually, he's our prohibitive favorite to take the whole dang thing (according to the Las Vegas Scurry/Erlbaum Sportsbook). Personally, we endorse him because he reminds us the most of season 1 fave Austin Scarlett, he of the rouge, lipgloss, and tricorner hat. Regarding Santino, I think a post-9/11 world needs a bitchy queen like him to win a competition like this to heal all of our hearts - but, the judges kept him last night in spite of a shoddy, nonsexual attempt at ladies' undies.

That Daniel Franco clearly did better at. And that upsets me, that they're knocking off losers strictly for programming sake, and not for skill. Did we not learn our lesson with Wendy Peppers, people?