Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Advent of my Final Fantasy

"Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children" is currently rocking my asshole down to the duodenum. I am a YUGE fan of Final Fantasy VII, Squaresoft's 1997 classic that robbed many of my generation of sleep. Forgetting 2001's underrated "Final Fantasy: Spirits Within" (which merely appropriated the franchise moniker without any of its distinguishing characteristics), this is an entirely CGI affair that is a direct sequel to the PSX classic. Made me feel like a kid watching it – awesome swordfights, kickass monsters, boss battles, the whole shmear. This shit just plugs into me like an enzyme.

It was hard as shit to find in New York (because most Kim's have been jacked out of business), but I finally hooked a transliterally subtitled DVD straight from Japan:

Villain: "Tell me what you care about so that I can DESTROY it!"
Hero: "You are mistaken – there is NOTHING I do not care about! YAAHHH!"

Problematic subtitles aside, this bitch wins the Irv Thalberg from me.