Saturday, November 19, 2005

It's like a regular Force – only it's Mega

An appeciation for "Megaforce" – what's not to like about a movie that gave a big "up yours" to the 1970s with a little Reagan-era can-do, in the personage of the dashing Barry Bostwick as Ace Hunter, a nondescriptly-named leader of an elite squad of supercommandos that BOTH kick azzles and take nazzles.

It was as close to a "G.I. Joe" movie as has ever been filmed, where no one gets deaded or hurted - cars flip and guys just go flying in this Hal Needham-helmed stunt spectacular. And who could forget the line-read of the entire film, courtesy of Bostwick:

"The good guys always win - even in the 80s."

Makes me tear up every time I hear it.

But who am I kidding - the real reason the movie is so memorable is the presence of dead Indian fashion model Persis Khambatta!

*Grouggrrhhgh* (that glottal growl that Mike Myers does) Have to toss in some cheesecake to drive web traffic, peoplefolks! The late Ms. Khambatta, here sporting her sexy, bald, Lt. Ilia look from "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" (and I saw it – it was, in fact, moving!), was an exotic ingenue from the turn of the 70s, until she was laid low by a heart attack in 1998. Her big contribution to this movie was being the recipient of a blown-thumb-kiss from Ace Hunter himself.

In uncertain times, a nation in peril could ue a little hamdinger like this movie to get behind. Might I suggest a Shane Black-penned remake, directed by Jan DeBont? No? Awright, I'll shut the fuck up then.