Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Ever work for a sociopathic boss? Someone who twisted you up in knots after you went home from work and continued to nightmare about for years afterward? Ever know a guy who had no superego, no concept that there was anyone else on planet Earth besides him? Ever get yelled by that guy at like clockwork every Friday afternoon at 5:30 for pretty much any unrelated thing that was irking him? Ever have a boss who had conversations with himself about things he needed you to do, who would yell at you for not doing them? Ever had a boss who would burp and fart in front of rank and file employees and distinguished guests alike? Ever had a boss who was so tightfisted that he refused to put a dime into physical plant upgrades to his business – toilet mains, busted computers –  to the obvious detriment of his entire staff? Ever had a boss who propagated an 80 percent turnover rate every three years because of his piss-poor demeanor, harsh tongue, and nonexistent management skills?