Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Tradition sucks

I was just reading on someone's blog about how they loved tradition because it was comforting and ritualistic.

Well, he's wrong. Tradition is awful, and it should be tossed out on the curb with the kattie litter. Do the math and look at how tradition has fucked millions over the years: Holocaust, slavery, etc. If the only reason something is done is because "it's always been done this way," then it's time to invest in a new belief system - or to end your life.

I'll wait here while you buy that revolver from Wal-Mart and call a biorecovery firm to clean up your dead-guy goo off the couch after you pull the trigger.

(There was a great story in the Metro section of The Times today on just such a firm, and I wanted to work it in somehow.)