Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I love garments and textiles... it's a new thingie of mine. I became interested in nice clothing after I stopped being such a fat bastard – it makes sense, with me now being able to wear clothing made for humans and not Cadillacs.

So, when I'm shopping for my wedding suit back in August, my father-in-law Larry decides to take me out and do the damn thing right. In New York, that means a visit to Berdorf Goodman and his personal shopper Frances. Hoo-whee! He steered me to the D&G and took care of the Scurve. It only got deeper from there - Prada, Brioni, Thomas Pink, etc...

So, with Christmas coming, he wanted to make sure I had a nice custom-made jacket - and to that end, we visit Alan Flusser, a custom tailor shop that creates things that you might otherwise only see on the Duke of Windsor. Peoplefriends, let me just say that this was Toys R' Us for striving, class-obsessed, where-you-grew-up-haters, like myself. Being doted on by Italian men with tape measures, handling cashmere swatches... I wanted the dude to take my inseam measurements all day, do you know what I mean? Alan Flusser is awesome, and shweet schwigetty-swag is awesome - a custom-made sportjacket in brown wool-cashmere will be winging its way to me in the new year.

The answer is yes, I get my balls severely busted upon by everyone I work with for being a "fag" who wears a pocket square to work, or a "half-a-man" who has a full arsenal of pink and lavender shirts. Fuck them, they all dress in NY Giants jerseys anyhow.