Friday, November 11, 2005

Photon? Anyone? (*crickets*)

Take your fucking Q-Zar, LaserTag and LaserTron and jettison them out into the permafrost from a great height – Photon was a slight regent atop the pile of infrared laser gun games in the late 1980's. My own upbringing as a slight regent contained a few visits to our local venue in Setauket, NY.

For someone whose childhood engrams were patterned off of old Sunbow Transformer/GI Joe cartoons, the chance to zap mahfucks up with infrared was an ordinance nightmare come true. The whole laser pistol game phenomenon skittered away like the fog on little cat's feet, but there will always be fond memories of a particularly dicey 1987 on Long Island made worthwhile by an excuse to get out of the house, inhale dry-ice fog and fuck the shit up with lasers... science! Good heavens, Ms. Sakamoto!