Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Anti-Boomer Eradication Squads

There was a great column by Jack Shafer today over at Slate which talks about cultural signifiers that will mark the end of Boomer influence. But, as Shafer notes within, we of the X, Y, and Z gens are not as generationally-conscious as the Boomers have been. Perhaps – we're every bit as self-absorbed, and we have a national predilection towards instant nostalgia (news to exactly no one). Perhaps that's why I find myself so antipathetic to the Boomer forebears – they is we, or we is they.

To the point – only you can prevent needless "He-Man" and "Knight Rider" re-runs. And please, for the love of Steven H. Christ, stop giving the "Golden Girls" an inappropriate august glow of importance. It's harder and harder to stay ironic and all, but FUCK – knock it off, you stumbling, muttering pricks!