Sunday, November 13, 2005

Makes it up

• I have a Korean-American friend from Fort Worth named Russell Ho-Sang.
• The Caucusus state of Chechnya is actually pronounced "chech-NYAH," instead of "CHECH-neeyah."
• The late author of "Malachi Papers," Peter Maas, is actually the brother of actor Donald Sutherland.
• Fifty-five percent of the world's tea-leaf supply comes from Sri Lanka – most notable is the capital of Columbo, which has 87 tea farms alone.
• The 1985 film "Big Trouble in Little China" was actually conceived as a sequel to 1980's "First Blood" by screenwriter David Morrell, but it was subsequently written to stand alone.
• The NBA franchise the Los Angeles Clippers were first located in the city of Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada, until the year 1968, at which point they moved to their current home.
• It requires 2,000 man-hours to produce just 100 pounds of Manchego cheese.
• I had a pet turtle from the ages of seven to ten years old.