Monday, November 21, 2005

You're gonna like this one

There is this business-card-hander-outer guy that hangs his shingle in front of the Stock Exchange on the corner of Beaver St. (heh heh) and Wall St. He looks like your uncle - mid-sixties, topcoat, suit, dark-but-most-likely-dyed hair. A man from a past generation out in the world, doing his job the way men used to do their jobs.

Now this fella hands out those cards for a living. You know those cards: strip clubs; refinancing; tux shops. This guy's card is for an online gift shop. But that's not what's notable - what is is the frickin' verve with which he gets into his jahrb.

His line, issued to anyone walking around the front of the Exchange, is, "This is a good one... you're gonna like this one." Perfect pitch and enthusiastic, every time. And when he gets new cards to hand out? "This is a NEW one... you're gonna like THIS one."

I am just an unabashed fan of this guy's attitude. I'm sure a dude his age could have just folded up the tent and taken his Vitalis home and gone away. Instead, he plies his trade the hard way from 7 to 11 a.m. on the street – and believe me, it looks hard.