Monday, November 14, 2005

Explain to me why

I don't seem to have gotten my superpowers yet.

No... last time I checked, no. Don't know what the wait is all about.

I'm sick of walking down the street – I want to run a few steps and leap like I'm about to shoot a lay-up and propel myself into the air, fists stabbing into the sky, coasting through the skyline on the way to my shrink. Want to have lasers that come out of my hands, to level buildings. Don't want to hurt people, just throw my weight around. Heat vision from the retinas, making buttonhole-accurate welds to repair bridges and planes in midair. Pick up cars by their axles and toss 'em down the street, through windows or just for stacking. Still waiting, bored by mere mortality.

Adolescent power fantasy much?

(Alex Ross Superman illo used without permission from DC Comics)