Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Frank Herbert's "Suburb of Dune"

Guy I know just got back from Las Vegas -- can you believe people live out there? As in, a shitload of people? It was, last time I checked, the desert. As in, fucking gila monsters and cactus die from the heat. As in, sand and death. Not a good idea to have a suburb in the middle of that shit. Don't these people like green, leafy things?

I guess there must be some attraction to live in a place that's desolate, barren, and naturally inhospitable. Let's put a racino on Mars and see if some sucker with a gold chain, spread-collar, and a hairy chest gets the idea to build a condo next to it.

"Da Martian soyface -- it's only a dry heat! Dat, plus the 85 puhcent carbon dioxide atmosphere makes it a great place to raise da kids!"