Friday, May 12, 2006

Them deers

This was a little local news nugget that happened to slip by most news venues the last day or two: a pair of deer were seen in a Bronx front yard one dewy morning, and, after being chased by police (for some inexplicable reason), one was impaled on a fencepost and presumed drowned as it fell lamely into the river and the other was tranquilized for relocation.

This follows a black bear shooting in New Jersey by police and also the infamous coyote chase in Central Park, which resulted in the tranquilized canine later dying from shock.

Why is the first impulse people have is to yell "KILL IT!" when "wildlife" wanders in front of them? Are people so bothered by fucking deer that there's no other recourse than to hound them to death? New Jersey has practically made a sport of killing bears eating out of garbage cans -- but no one ever stops to think about how far the McMansions of Bergen County have encroached on bear environments.

Fuck it -- rather than plan responsibly, just shoot the fucker in the head and plan that dormer on your ugly-ass house in Suburban Hellscape, N.J.