Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Future

What is it? The web? Newspapers seem as dead as Liberace, without the excellent taste in candleabras. I'll tell you one thing, and that's that all the Quark XPress, InDesign, and fucking Photoshop in the world won't make a thimble's worth of difference if I don't find a way to contemporize my goddamn skill-set. Newsprint feels like the Anatevka village for 2006 -- it may time to bail shortly, and not by any choice I want to make. I like it here.

When we were picking careers after college, I chose this one because they told me it was a good one -- especially for the steady of hand. Now, what do we and my ink-and-pulp brothers and sisters get? The chance to be downsized by Dow Jones and/or Punch Sulzberger. Fuck!

Is there a career in slaughtering H5N1-ridden fowl that will dispel New Millennium Ennui?

Oh on-weeeeeee!!!