Thursday, February 23, 2006

Not getting the whole figure-skating-craze thing

Why is America coo-coo for Sasha-puffs? As of press time, she has fallen on her ass a buncha times, befitting the gutsy courage and indominable spirit that's characterized the entire American effort in Turin. But it's almost as if the American awareness becomes heightened from zero to 60 when Olympic figger-skating comes around. Huhwhut? Does a fat nation of fat fatties who can barely be bothered to care about their own cardiac health REALLY get fired up over a bunch of Quintuple Salchows?

Why this event? A bud of mine says it's a Peggy Fleming-hangover, but that seems long ago and a galaxy far away in terms of sticking power within the American consciousness. Besides, this is not a contest based on a hard result (i.e. a finish line/best time) -- this is a subjectively judged thingie. I don't get it.