Thursday, February 16, 2006

Goddamn -- Daniel can sew

Daniel Vosovic is running away with the season 2 challenge belt on "Project Runway" this season. I mean, he was torn a new fistula in last week's makeover challenge, but this guy has won four? Five? Did anyone have that kind of mastery last season? (I wouldn't know, because I pretty much only watched the finale.) I wrote this kid off as a green recent-grad with little practical knowledge, but his eminence is imminent. His dress was solid -- I think that judges were being a bit harsh in the "boring/underwhelming" department.

Speaking of the judges, when Tim Gunn starting inflating the importance of the celebrity guest this week, I thought it was going to be Elle Mc or Kate Moss or something. But Iman? Mrs. Bowie, the "supermodel of supermodels?" To quote Fred Willard, "I don't think so!" Only if the show was going to be taking one of Tim's patented "field trips" back to 1983.

Ultimately, Kara Janx fell victim to this show's unfair policy of "Talentpartheid," wherein a native South African hack is sequestered from the actual skilled artisans before she can do any real runway damage. I thought the Janx gig was up when she made that tube-dress with the fucking crime scene tape sash (or was it a "Raise Plow" sign... I can't remember). It's a huge fucking shame that Nick Verrios was ditched before Kara.

And what's with the rackalicious Chloe going all lukewarm on us? She does not look into it anymore.