Saturday, February 25, 2006

Missed opportunity

The New York Comic-Con is being waged, as we speak, over at Javits. It sounds too cool for words -- the greatest gathering of comic book and pop culture heroes in one place, in New York, in about a decade. They stopped throwing these things here because, I suppose, they used to fall flat on their face in terms of attendance by both fan and luminary alike. The region has been starved for this kind of thing, and apparently it's going like gangbusters with sell-outs and SROs across the board. And I am conspicuously absent from the proceedings.

I had the chance to buy tickets months ago, but since I don't enjoy going to "comic book conventions" per se, I decided to sit this one out. And really, who enjoys fighting with tens of thousands of people for positioning in front of a longbox of old "Nick Fury" comic books? But when yesterday marn rolled about, I reconsidered -- how could I resist the pop culture Super Bowl, being held righchea in New York?

So, there's Klingons, Vulcans, Cylons, Hobbits, Wookiees, Aslans, and men in "Sailor Moon" cosplay get-ups -- but no Scurve-in-Silver-Surfer-bodypaint action anywhere on the premises. I miscalculated, and I won't make the same mistake next year.

Unless I still don't like crowds, comic book shows, comic book fans, stink, people who stink, or leaving the house in general.