Friday, February 10, 2006

Letter to the New York Times

To the editor,

Re: Public Misled on Air Quality After 9/11 Attack
(news article, Feb. 3):

As a shorty, playing in the front yard of the crib, I fell down and I bumped my head. Somebody helped me up and asked me if I bumped my head. I said ‘Yeah.” So then they said, "Oh, so that means, you're going... you're going switch it on them?” I said, "Yeah, 'Flipmode.' Flipmode is the greatest.”

As a shorty, I was always told that if I wasn't going to be part of the greatest, I've got to be the greatest myself. (C'mon, c'mon, yeah, c'mon.)

Yeah, civic leader "what?" -- what a surprise. Get your something, make a civic leader close both of your eyes. All my civic leaders getting money capitalize. Die little, small guy, we're on the rise. Everything a civic leader touch platinum-ize. Fully equipped, you know we come with all the supplies. Got a big gun and I'm going to show you the size, you fuck with any of my Flipmode family ties. Me and my civic leaders be coming through stalking you out, killing off any and everything you're talking about. See you in the club -- now we're walking you out.

Should have thought twice before you went and opened your mouth. Yo, anyway, we stay keeping it moving -- fucking with the wrong civic leader, hope you know what you're doing. Now, blame me all the same, civic leaders is lame. It's not a game, making names still splitting your frames.


William K. Scurry Jr.