Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Riveting TV

Fuck J.R. getting shot, fuck the Tiny Tim wedding, fuck Billy Crystal getting a sex-change, fuck the final "Friends" -- Wednesday night's "Project Runway" was great viewing pleasure, if only because of Santino Rice's (below) dead-on impression of Tim Gunn (left).

Only tonight, there was this expanded scenario in which Tim was taking Andrae Gonzalo out to a Red Lobster, where (quite elaborately) Andrae gets in a tiff and embarrasses Tim in front of all his friends -- who are also presumably noshing on the bottomless basket of shrimp as well. What's so great about Santino are his endless variations on Tim, deadly dry and all business. "It's 'make it work' time, people." The more byzantine the situation the better -- our fun is watching the reliably staid (but very lovable) Tim being bent and plied into ridiculosity. Maybe it's something you have to watch happen yourself.

I guess when you have a bunch of fried people in a pressure sitch-ee-ation, it's better to drop the inhibitions and let your internal monologue out to fuck with people. And it totally pays off when Santino gets busted by Tim midway through. Overall, it helps if you can put your currency where your piehole dwelleth, and Santino has a good track record doing just that.

Oh yeah, Daniel V. won, and Andrae Gonzalo's fuckie chia-couture was put out on the curb like your tinseled pine on Dec. 26th.