Tuesday, August 01, 2006

At the checkout of your local drug store

Clerk: Hello sir, welcome to Walgreen's, do you have a "club card"?

Mel Gibson: Fuckerrrr... mrrr... Jewfuck.

Clerk: Um, excuse me?

Mel: Ya heard me, you fuckerrr.... er... wetbackjew.

Clerk: Do you have anything to buy, sir?

Mel: I fucking do, ya... little.... sugartits.

Clerk: You stink of alcohol, sir. I'm going to have to get the manager.

Mel: You do that, ya little Jewey cunt, I'll fuck ya in the homo ass. Are ya some kinda... Jew bastard? Er... Jew bitch?

Clerk: [into the microphone] Can I get a manager at register one please?

Mel: Yer making a fuckin' mistake, ya little... black... Jew bitch. What, are ya some kind'er fuckin' Mexican Jew? Fuckerrrr....

Manager: What seems to be the problem here?

Clerk: This man is totally loaded, and he keeps making anti-Semitic remarks.

Manager: OK, sir, you're going to have to leave the store.

Mel: Oh... oh no, ya fucking... Jewqueer. Are ya a fuckin'... assfucking Jew Mexican? Ya little fuckerr... ing coward Jew. Ya see thisss? [picks up lip balm] This fucking... Chapstick? Fucking Jews hate chapped lips. They made this sssshit. It'sss all a fuckin' Jew conspiracy.

Manager: You're being disorderly sir -- do I have to call the police?

Mel: Who ya gonna call, eh Jew? The Jew police? Gonna... fuckinnng... put Negro Jew handcuffs on me? That's what ya want to happen, don't ya? Make ya happy to fuck my life up?

Manager: Sir, my name is Hiram Velazquez. I'm not Jewish. No one here is. Please leave. Now.

Mel: I'mm... fucking... goin', sugartits. This place is... er... too fucking full of Jews anyway. Gotta... get back to the fucking bar mitzvah anyway... Universal president Ron Meyer's havin' a fuckin' party for his son.