Tuesday, August 01, 2006


In yesterday's post on the recently unearthed bogman of Clonycavan, there were a number of inaccuracies. For one, this particular bogman is not a massive robot with herpes. Also, the bogman of Clonycavan is not, as reported earlier, "a motherfucker who can fuck me before I'll lend him $3,000."

In addition, the bogman of Clonycavan is a tenor, not an alto, as reported earlier, and he prefers his eggs served over easy, not sunny-side fried.

Finally, the bogman of Clonycavan had what would be termed a "successful" career playing minor league baseball for the Triple-A affiliate of the Kansas City Royals.

And in a clarification, it should be noted that the bogman of Clonycavan despises the Cornish, not the Saxons.