Tuesday, March 21, 2006

From the "Head-Asplode File"

Let me get this straight -- the G.O.P. is targeting unions as a potential electorate in the upcoming midterm elections? Ken Mehlman of the R.N.C. recently paid a visit to the largest firemens' union in the U.S., trying to bend a few ears.

What part of this makes any sense? The very credo of the Republican Party is to smash unions and strip workers of entitlements... it's all there, in B&W. That's practically the reason the Republican Party gained strength in this country, like, a century ago or whatever (I'm not looking it up). What master stroke of realpolitik is Mehlman going to whip up to try to enfranchise blue-collar workers to vote against their fiscal interest? How are capital gains slashes and decreased tax burdens for the top .10% going to go over with the U.A.W. this fall?